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Caedinal, Kristy
Carmichael, Minnie Leola Alice
Carpenter, Paula J
Carr, Dottie Mae
Carr, Elizabeth
Carr, James Herbert
Carr, Joe L.
Carr, Johnnie William
Carr, Joseph
Carr, Lucille
Carr, Walter Clinton
Carr, William Leville
Carrol, Susie Jane
Carter, Corado
Carter, Willie Mae
Casey, Betty Louise
Casey, Dave Mc Cager
Cash, Billie Nell
Castleberry, Katie
Cater, Mattie
Chatel, Joseph E
Chauvin, Rosa
Cheatwood, Gary
Cheatwood, Infant Son
Cheatwood, Maggie Lee
Cheatwood, Sedonya Jean
Cheatwood, William Elbert
Cheatwood, William Robert ,Jr.
Cheatwood, William Robert
Christopher, Benjamin
Christopher, Eugenia
Clark, Billie Gail
Clark, Brenda Sue
Clark, Delores Jean
Clark, Dorris Ann
Clark, Elijah Edwardo
Clark, Glenda Lou
Clark, Lowell Lee
Clark, Martha E.
Clark, Rita May
Clark, William Doffes
Clarke, Mary Nettie
Clay, Elizabeth
Clay, Mary Obedience
Clepper, Earl
Clepper, Limuel Gilam
Clepper, Merle C
Clepper, Meta Mae
Clowers, Donna Jean
Coggins, Allie Effie
Coggins, Billy Joe
Coggins, Doyle Dean
Coggins, Hubert Seabron
Coggins, Infant Son
Coggins, Iva Lee
Coggins, John
Coggins, Johnny Marvin
Coggins, Lee Monroe
Coggins, Maurece
Cook, Robert
Cook, Vada Louise
Corbell, Chrystine
Corbell, Dorothy
Corbell, Nina Ruth
Corbell, William J
Corbell, William Jester
Corbell, William Jester
Counts, Julius
Counts, Lucinda
Counts, Mary A
Counts, Mary Elizabeth
Covington, Woolard W
Covington, Woolard W
Cox, Malinda
Crain, Carolyn Ann
Crane, Vota
Criddle, Frank
Crisler, Nancy
Crittenden, Margaret Elizabeth
Cruce, James Twyman
Cruce, Tommy Luke
Cruse, Humphrey
Cunningham, Edith

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