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Waldrip, Blanch Cathrine
Waldrip, Edith Lee
Waldrip, Grady Lynn
Waldrip, Howard
Waldrip, Jack Alvin
Waldrip, James Trousdel
Waldrip, John Paul
Waldrip, Johnny Lee
Waldrip, Riley Sylvester
Waldrip, Zylpha
Ward, Luranie
Warren, Sarah Elizabeth
Weiss, Margarite
Welter, George
Wetsel, Julia Amanda Hardegree
White, Ruthie
White, S A
Whitley, Alpha Gay
Whitley, M. F.
Wiliams, Greg L
Wilkerson, Nicole
Wilkerson, Roger
Willaims, Nana Lee
Williams, Doyce Edward
Williams, Florence Josephene
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Wayne A
Williams, Wylie Thorne
Williamson, B N
Williamson, G. C.
Wilson, Gay
Wilson, William D.
Woodruff, Ethel
Woodruff, James
Woodruff, James
Wyatt, Cynthia Ann
Wyatt, Fleming H
Wyatt, Sarah Hannah
Wyllie, Carl James
Wyllie, Gordan Byron
Wyllie, Jim
Wyllie, Leslie Kay
Wyllie, Lois Rae

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