Joseph W Dobson & Mary P Burns


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Joesph W Dobson
My great-great grandfather


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Joseph W Dobson forms
1859 Land Application
Civil War Record 1 of 4
Civil War Record 2 of 4
Civil War Record 3 of 4
Civil War Record 4 of 4
Census 1850 Georgia
Census 1860 Arkansas P1
Census 1860 Arkansas P2
Census 1880 Arkansas
Census 1900 Arkansas
Marriage Records
Joseph & Delphy Minion
Joseph was born June 16, 1834 in North Carolina to the parents of John F and Elizabeth Dobson. The first records I have of him is from the 1950 census. He was living in Carroll, Georgia not to far from his future wife Mary P Burns. Mary was the daughter of  Benjamin C and Nancy Burns. Benjamin C Burns owned a large farm in Georgia. It had a $2500 value in 1850.

I have not been able to find where or when Joseph and Mary were married. Their first child George W. was born in Arkansas around 1857 so I'm guessing they were married around 1855 or 1856. Joseph moved to Arkansas with the Mary's family between 1950 & 1957.

On July 1, 1859 Joseph applied for a land patent in Arkansas. He purchased 237 acres in
Hempstead County. His in-laws also applied for land patents at the same time.

Benjamin C Burns his father in-law purchased 320 acres.
Benjamin F Burns his brother in-law purchased 320 acres.
John A Burns his brother in-law purchased 280 acres.
Nathan T Burns  ( ? ) purchased 200 acres.
Their land was in Hempstead County, Arkansas close to each other. John A Burns later became a Justice of the Peace for Hempstead County. His name appears on many marriage licenses.

In 1962 Joseph left his wife and three kids to join the Confederate army. His brother in-law Benjamin F Burns was also married and had two children when he  joined.  

flags.gif (4424 bytes) More than three million men fought in the war. Two percent of the population—more than 620,000—died. 

Joseph enlisted as a private in Co. C, 6th Arkansas Cavalry, at Washington, Arkansas, May 15, 1862. he was detailed as teamster on December 24, 1862, on April 30, 1863 he was detailed as wagoner and on June 30, 1863 he was detailed as teamster again.
A teamster and a wagoner are the same. During the Civil War, teamsters drove the wagons the army needed for hauling supplies, etc. There was no further record of him after February 29, 1864  You can view his Civil War record by clicking on the links.

Benjamin Franklin Burns enlisted as a private in Co. D, 6th Arkansas Cavalry at Washington, Arkansas,

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