William Chambers Dobson

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My great-grandfather
William Chambers Dobson

William (Bill) was one of twelve children. He was born September 30, 1866 in Cove, (Polk Co) Arkansas to the parents of Joseph W. Dobson and Mary P. Burns. William has lived in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas & Arizona. He was always prospecting for gold. He was found dead in a creek June 7, 1946 near Hatfield, Arkansas.
The creek was near the mine he was working. There is still traces of the cabin he once had.

William married Amanda E. Hamiter January 06, 1887 in Hempstead County, Arkansas.
They had two children, William Foster Dobson and Maud Rebecca Dobson.
(I've been told that they may have had as many as three infant children who died at birth.)

William Foster Dobson was born November 19, 1889 in Arkansas and died April 20, 1938 in Legion, Texas after falling out of a tree.

Maud Rebecca Dobson was born  June 16, 1893 in Arkansas. She married Grady Lewis Roberts. They moved to California and Maud died September 10, 1954 in Fresno County, California

I believe Amanda E. Hamiter must have died about 1895 in Arkansas. William married Laura Eliza Andrews April 21, 1897 in Cove, (Polk Co) Arkansas. Laura was born May 1876 in Arkansas and died January 07, 1936 Coolidge, Arizona.  William and Laura are both buried at the Mountain View Cemetery, Casa Grande, Arizona.

Together William and Lura had nine children. Their first child was my grandfather....Hoyt Homer Dobson There were 19 years between Hoyt and the youngest child Joseph Gordon Dobson.

As time permits I plan on making a page for each of William's children. It will be easy to make a page on Joseph Gordon Dobson because Joe played professional baseball and there is a lot of information on the internet about him.

I'm in the process of getting a photo of each of William's children. I will be adding more info about William Chambers Dobson and Lura Eliza Andrews to this page. I have put some of the documents online so you can view them.


The documents below are PDF or jpeg. You'll need Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.

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Census Forms

Census 1900 Oklahoma

Census 1910 Oklahoma
Census 1920 Oklahoma
Census 1930 Arizona
Marriage Records
William and Amanda
William and Lura
Children of
William & Amanda
Children of
William & Lura
William Foster Dobson Hoyt Homer Dobson

William Foster Dobson

Maud Rebecca Dobson

Maud Rebecca Dobson Murel Jerome Dobson

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Foy Wallace Dobson
Troy Glen Dobson
Gladys Oklahoma Dobson
Lura Myrtle Dobson
Lacy Moree Dobson
Linnie Ethel Dobson
Joseph Gordon Dobson
1889-1938 1893-1954
Hoyt Homer Dobson
My grandfather & grandmother
Murel Jerome Dobson Foy Wallace Dobson Troy Glen Dobson
1923 ? Texas
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1898-1964 1900-1903 1902-1975 1904-1972
Gladys Oklahoma Dobson Lura Myrtle Dobson Lacy Moree Dobson Linnie Ethel Dobson
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1906-1988 1909-1984 1911-1995 1914-1965


Joseph Gordon Dobson
Joe played 14 years in the majors
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